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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I follow a Topic?

Following a topic is easy - simply click on any of the follow buttons and icons located throughout TopicPro. Topics are the primary way to interact with TopicPro and play an important role in your overall experience. The Thought Leadership and content that you receive will be based on what you're interested in following.

Can I submit content?

We do offer the ability for community members to market and promote themselves but in a limited capacity. Should you be interested in learning more, please let us know and we will provide more details. 

How do I suggest a new topic?

Our Topic Team analyzes our list of topics on a weekly basis to ensure we are bringing the best topics to our community. This is a thorough data-driven review process that also factors in user engagement and feedback. We encourage community members to speak up with any topic requests using the chat or by submitting a Topic Suggestion via our  

Why I am receiving content from TopicPro?

You either signed up directly from one of our online promotions, Or you may have signed up through one of our 3rd party partners. 

Submit your email on this landing page and we will remove you from all future email communication. 

How I manage my Topics?

You can manage Topics by clicking on the "manage my subscription" link that is listed at the bottom of all TopicPro emails. 

Why do you have my personal information?

We uphold the highest safety standards in the industry to protect your personal information against misuse, sale, or harm.

If you are unsure how TopicPro obtained your contact information, we are happy to share the source of our partner or the date on which you consented to TopicPro.

For more details, please refer to our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

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